Growing up in Appalachia I found myself drawn to the arts. I couldn’t explain my drive to become an artist, but I followed my gut and stuck with it. I would find locals and family members with interesting tales of ghost and goblins and write them down. After I had their stories I would illustrate it. This went on for a time until I found my own ghosts and no longer needed the stories of others.  These dialogs lead me to my first visual vocabulary.

I then attended Morehead State University focusing on Drawing, Printmaking, and Painting. I also took more science class than I needed due to a love of science and technology.  I found my voice in these media and brought the stories I had gleaned from my community all those years ago to life. I then attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for an MFA in non-objective painting, but found the mountains calling me back. So I returned to Morehead State University and completed a Masters in studio art. I explored my roots and visual language to its fullest during this time.

I began a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Kentucky in 2010 where I broadened my skills in all media. I began sculpting and creating a history for an alien culture known as the Fervents. These creatures had come to me in a fever induced hallucination when I was young and I could never really forget them. I found my thesis show forming around the knowledge they had left me of their turbulent civilization. This is when I began to explore 3D rendering, where I could create the Fervent world exactly as I saw it.

After graduating I became a part time instructor at University of Kentucky Teaching a diverse range of drawing techniques.